Monday, April 28, 2014

Quick Shop - A simple yet smart shopping list app

Quick Shop is a quick and easy shopping list app that also remembers your most used items and can be used to generate lists very quickly.

Its goals are speed and simplicity, and I believe it does a fantastic job. In fact, I use it myself every time I visit the grocery store.

Check it out here:

Monday, May 7, 2012

Android Live Wallpaper Starter Kit - now FREE!

I have decided to make the Android Live Wallpaper Starter Kit available under an open source license.

I hope you find the Android Live Wallpaper Starter Kit useful and wish you all the best with your live wallpaper projects.

CLICK HERE for more info about the Android Live Wallpaper Starter Kit.

Start creating awesome live wallpapers today!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

5 Great Live Wallpapers for Android Phones

Take a look at these great Android Live Wallpapers and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

FishBowl Premium LWP
Previously "FEATURED" on Android Market!


The most interactive aquarium live wallpaper on Android Market.

This wallpaper was in the FEATURED section on Android Market
from July through August 2011!

You can feed the fish, and the fish also respond when you touch them.
They will mate with each other, and product little baby fish.
The baby fish grow bigger over time, and will eventually leave home.

There are many options to customize it.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

NEW! Android Live Wallpaper Starter Kit

Are you a looking at developing your own live wallpaper for Android?

SP Labs can give you the head start you need to become successful on Android!

Introducing the Android Live Wallpaper Starter Kit - it gives you the complete source code and project files as a starting point, from which you can create any live wallpaper possible.

  • Full base source code
    • Start with a ready-to-go blank wallpaper
  • Optimized for Low Battery Use
    • Ability to limit the frame rate for huge battery savings
    • Automatically pause the wallpaper when screen is turned off
  • Optimized for Low Memory Use
    • Resource Manager to dynamically load only one instance of each resource into memory
    • Can be extended to include any resource type.
  • Easy-to-use preferences screen
    • The kit comes pre-configured with a preference screen containing some example and default options.
    • Allow users to launch your website from within the preferences screen.
    • Allow users to share your app with others through Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS, and more!
    • Allow users to send you feedback via Email directly from their phone.
  • Royalty-free license
    • You are permitted, and even encouraged, to sell your own creations.
    • SP Labs places no limits on what you can create.
    • No need to mention SP Labs in your app, though we would appreciate a link to this website either in your app description or on your website.
  • Email Support
CLICK HERE for more info!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Super Skies Premium LWP - New release!!

Super Skies Live Wallpaper is now on Android Market, along with the premium version, Super Skies Premium LWP. Featuring high quality hot air balloons and party balloons, and there's much more to come...

Check it out now:

If you like it, please rate it and share it with your friends. Thanks :-)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

FishBowl Premium LWP - Our Favourite Android Live Wallpaper

Bring your phone to life with this awesome Live Wallpaper for Android 2.1 or higher! All you need is an Android phone or tablet that supports Live Wallpapers, and you too can enjoy this unique cartoon aquarium live wallpaper - FishBowl Premium LWP.

What makes this live wallpaper great is the smooth animation, the ultra-cute fish, and most of all, the interaction. The fish interact with you and with each other, making this one of the most interactive live wallpapers on Android Market.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FishBowl Live Wallpaper - 100000 downloads!

Its official!  FishBowl Live Wallpaper reached 100000 downloads on July 11, 2011, after just 5 months on Android Market!

It was first released on Android Market on Feb 16, 2011, at version 1.0.

Now, at version 3.2, it has clocked up 100000 downloads.

Check it out here: