Thursday, August 12, 2010

Quick Shop Plus - save your shopping lists for later

Quick Shop Plus has now been released to Android Market.  This app contains all of the functionality of Quick Shop Lite, and also adds the ability to save and load your shopping lists.

As Google does not yet offer a way for Australians to sell Android apps on Android Market, the app is supported by ads instead.

I hope you enjoy using this app.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Quick Shop Lite - get your shopping done faster.

Get it from the Android Market now!

Quick Shop Lite has been in planning and development for several months.  I didn't want an app that I felt I wouldn't use, so it has taken a long time to work out a User Interface that works quickly and easily.  It had to be as easy as a paper list, or even easier.

I believe Quick Shop Lite achieves this and more.  It goes beyond a simple list app by keeping track of your most used list items and displaying the top 20 items on the front screen.

Quick Shop Lite is all about speed.  The goal is for you to be able to create and use your shopping list as quickly and simply as possible.  The app shouldn't get in the way.  You really need to use it to appreciate just how well it works.

Read below for a quick overview of Quick Shop Lite...