Sunday, March 20, 2011

What is the difference between FishBowl Live Wallpaper and FishBowl Premium LWP?

FishBowl Live Wallpaper is a unique Live Wallpaper for Android that is free to download and use and always will be.

FishBowl Premium LWP is the paid version, which adds more cool features, some of which may never appear in the free version.

Read more to find out the details of what you get extra in FishBowl Premium LWP...

Firstly, FishBowl Premium LWP is built from the very same code base as FishBowl Live Wallpaper.

So if FishBowl Live Wallpaper works well on your phone, then there is a good chance FishBowl Premium LWP will too.

You get the very same fish, the same backgrounds, and the same efficient code which means your phone's battery will last much longer.  In fact, both FishBowl Live Wallpaper and FishBowl Premium LWP use so little of your phone's resources, that you should barely notice any difference to your battery life when you run them.

FishBowl Premium LWP contains all of the same great features as the free version, plus:
    • There is also what I call "debris" in the water.  At the moment, there is only seaweed which will float past the fish every now and then, but more items will be added from time to time.  You can change the amount of debris or even disable it completely.
    • Did you know that the "ocean" background was added to the Premium version first, well before it was available in the free version?
    • You get the basic animations that come with the free version, but also a few extra fishy behaviors. For example, the fish will do a big grin when you touch him/her.
    • Do let me know if there are more animations you'd like to see.
Most new features will appear in FishBowl Premium LWP first. For example, the fish animations were added to the Premium version some time before they appeared in the free version.

Buying FishBowl Premium LWP is the best way to get the latest features faster and also support development of FishBowl Live Wallpaper.

What else can you expect from FishBowl Premium LWP?
  • More great features and improvements.  If there is a feature you'd really like to see...ask!
  • Prompt support.  If you have a problem with this wallpaper, please send email to and I'll work with you to sort it out.
Thanks for your support, and I hope you continue to enjoy FishBowl Premium LWP!

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